Saturday, August 3, 2013


New internet Heartbeat Radio station devoted to the music of Buddy Holly


Heartbeat Radio, a station now available on Shoutcast features Buddy Holly's music 24/7, Matt Burley, the new station's program manager, told Vintage Rock 'n' Roll Examiner on Aug. 3. "The station will feature the complete Buddy Holly catalog, songs by musicians that influenced Holly, such as Elvis Presley and Little Richard and rare interviews with Holly and the Crickets," Burley told us.
He said the station will also include covers of Buddy Holly songs by current musicians that pay tribute to Holly's music today and shows how he still influences the music of today.
Both Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney contributed to a pair of competing Buddy Holly tribute CDs that were released in 2011 to honor what would have been the musician's 75th birthday. Paul McCartney contributed a raucous version of "It's So Easy" for Fantasy Records' "Rave On: Buddy Holly" on Fantasy Records (also available on and in Canada). Ringo Starr, contributed Holly's "Think It Over" to"Listen To Me: Buddy Holly" (also available on and in Canada), which was produced by Peter Asher (of Peter & Gordon) and Songmasters for the Verve/Forecast label.
Burley says this is unique. "I am a huge fan of Buddy's music and I have yet to see or hear of a Buddy Holly station," he said.
You can hear the station on Shoutcast internet radio. Burley is also in charge of, which features music and information about the Beatles, including the weekly Beatles news podcast "Things We Said Today," which we co-host with Ken Michaels.
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